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Welcome to Miami Kidney Specialist

Our  medical team at Miami Kidney Specialist is well equipped and ready to serve our Miami community during these times of uncertainty.

We have taken special precautions to protect our most vulnerable patients.

Our medical staff is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to stay healthy, that’s why we work with most health care plans.

Call our friendly receptionist if you have any questions about our office, Hablamos español.

Friendly Miami Kidney Doctor

We have clinics conveniently located in Hialeah and Miramar, ready to serve you.

Experienced Nephrologist Kidney Specialist

Dr. Javier Alfonso is the leader of the Medical team at Miami Kidney Specialist, with 20 years of experience.

Dr Javier Alfonso

Patient Appointments

If you are suffering from a kidney disease, kidney stones, kidney infection or hypertension, make an appointment to get medical attention immediately.  

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Kidney Doctor in Miami

Kidney Specialist In Miami, FL

Dr Javier graduated from University of Colorado Anschutz Nephrology and HTN program.  He focused on Electrolyte disorders, acute kidney injury and transplant medicine.  

Dr. Alfonso, Javier is trained in all modalities of dialysis including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and continued dialysis.

He has also completed 2 years of kidney transplant fellowship Training which included management of pre and post kidney transplant patients, management of immunosuppression medications, infections and rejection.

Dr. Javier Alfonso


Nephrologist In Miami

Kidney disease and hypertension treatment and care

Experienced Physician

Dr. Javier Alfonso has over 20 years of experience with advanced kidney disorders.

Advanced Treatments

We offer all modalities of kidney disorder treatments including hemodialysis and more. 

Guaranteed Results

We help you live your life without chronic kidney disease slowing you down.

Modern Equipment

Learn about your ideal treatment options that can maintain and improve your quality of life.

Nephrology Services​

We Offer Comprehensive Care For Kidney Diseases

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a chronic condition.

Deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys.

Blood in urine is a sign that something is wrong with your kidneys.  

Diseases that effects the tiny blood vessels that filter blood in your kidneys.

A condition characterized by loss of kidney function over time. 

A kidney disorder that causes the body to excrete too much protein in the urine.

Autoimmune disease that causes your white blood cells to attack the kidneys.

Congenital Uropathy

When pathologic changes in kidney development impair urine flow. 

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Patient Reviews

Committed to elevating your health and quality of life.
I really enjoy coming to this office, it's relaxed and the staff is friendly. I have always had excellent service and i really like the fact that they usually don't make me wait too long.
Dorothy Palmer
I brought my mom to this clinic after she was referred for high blood pressure caused by diabetes. What I really like about this clinic is that they taught my mother about food and exercise that will make her feel better, I really appreciated that.
Randy Tran
Dr. Alfonso took care of me when I was having kidney stones. It was a horrible experience, and I had to take some pain medication but overall I am glad that he was my doctor. Before his treatment I was considering surgery.
Amy Turner
This office has been the best I've been to, I have referred multiple friends here who agree! Its really easy to get an appointment, even the same day. Their website is easy to use and their copays are very reasonable. Overall I always look forward to seeing their smiling friendly staff. They truly are an exceptional office!
Endang Everdeen
Tried out Dr Alfonso for the first time since moved here from New york. I came into to get my levels checked. The visit was great and seamless. Same day appointment. Got in and out and Dr Alfonso explained the whole process to me and told me his recommendations. He didn’t try to oversell anything to me and gave me very realistic expectations. I would definaty recommend this office to anyone with a chronic kidney diseases that needs daily attention.
Joe Alan

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We Do Not Share Your Information With Any Third Party.

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We Do Not Share Your Information With Any Third Party.

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